mailing address: PO Box 242


(717) 528-4393

Congregational Leadership

Pastor Lois VanOrden
     Intentional Interim Pastor

Jane Johnston & Phil Menges -
                                      Instrumental Music Leaders
Jane Johnston - Choir Director
Mike McHugh - Office Secretary
Linda Menges - Treasurer

Congregational Council:
Pete Johnston - Congregational Council President
Jeremiah Jones -  Congregational Council V.P.
Cheryl Reinecker - Council Secretary
Ruthann Black
Valli Hoski
Ann McHugh
Sandy Starner
Andrew Reinecker

Background photo by Leer Photography

The church office is located in our Parish House next door to the church.  Office hours are Tuesday - Thursday, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Communion kits for our online worshippers are available in a box outside of the office.