Cooperation Coaching Services

Our congregations are experimenting with a new/old way of being the Church.  The one church / one pastor model had a good run from 1950 until today, but those days are over.  It was not normal before 1950, and it will not be normal going forward.  Congregations cooperating has always been a normal part of the life of the church, and it is important to create healthy models of cooperation as we move forward.

One thing that did not work well in old cooperation models (the parish model) was that one leader was placed alone to serve 2 or more congregations.  It was a one pastor / many churches model.  That is a recipe for burnout and infighting among the congregations. 


The model that Garden of Grace is building works around that problem by having a many leaders / many churches model.  That allows all of our leaders to work from their areas of strength and to support each other.  The leaders model the cooperation that they expect from the congregations.  And more leaders always means more gifts to share.

For cooperation to be successful, congregations must have the three O's:

Opportunity - A retirement of a pastor, an economic dilemma, an unserved population or other factors can serve as the   

          opportunity that goads congregations to consider cooperation.

Organization - A plan for governance is important for congregations to work together effectively

Orientation - The plan and focus of cooperation must be oriented to the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.  If the plan

          is only survival, it may work for a period of time, but will lack vitality.

Pr. Ben Leese, a pastor on the staff of Garden of Grace, offers coaching for leaders and congregations working through establishing cooperative agreements.  He is available for one time consultations or for year long coaching, which includes access to his newsletter and bulletin articles to share the need for cooperation with congregations.  Contact him using the form below for your free, no obligation initial consultation.

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