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     Holy Trinity Lutheran Church was established in June, 1831, in Petersburg, a small borough now named York Springs.  Organized as an evangelical Lutheran congregation named Huntington Church and led by Rev. Daniel Gottwald, property was purchased in 1836 to establish a "bricks and mortar" ministry.  Our church today stands where that first congregation met, though the building was reconstructed in 1886-87.  That architecture with a second floor sanctuary remains today.

     Just as the borough's name changed over the years, so did Huntington Church.  Over the many years since its origin, the church has had numerous pastoral and lay leaders, programs, and missions.  Additional property was added over the years, including the Parish House next door to the church which houses our Clothing Pantry.  A Taylor & Boody tracker organ          and an elevator were also added inside the church within the last 40 years.                       In late 2022, Holy Trinity acquired the neighboring Episcopal Diocese's Christ Chapel, which had been unused and was deconsecrated.  Its use to fulfill our mission for Christ within the York Springs community will include moving our Clothing Pantry so as to have more room for clothing and our clients.  It is now called Holy Trinity Community Corner.

     The congregation has worked cooperatively with many other local religious groups over the years, both Lutheran and non-Lutheran.  Our joint goal of sharing the word and love of Christ has benefited our community of believers and will hopefully continue to do so in the future.


Background photo by Leer Photography

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