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Holy Trinity is repairing and refurbishing the former Christ Chapel after receiving it from the Episcopal diocese (it was scheduled for demolition).  

Our congregation has determined its use, and our Clothing Pantry will be moved into it with other possibilities also in consideration. 

Now it's Holy Trinity Community Corner.

Still, there's work to be done!

IMG_8073 2.JPG

September, 2022

Pastor Chris, Rt. Rev. Audrey Scanlan, and Jeremiah Jones at the Deconsecration Service at the Episcopal chapel.

Holy Trinity gets the key to the chapel!  

December, 2022

The chimney came down easily as the mortar had deteriorated and the bricks were gathered for reuse.


January, 2023

The roof is replaced!  

Community Aid gave us a grant to help with

the payment for the metal roof, soffit, and spouting.

March 25, 2023:  Ten members worked on turning pews into reusable lumber, saving the pew's panel doors and the double lectern, and cleaning up the debris on the floor.


The shop vac and some cleaning suppllies were purchased using funds from Thrivent.

The double lectern will be reused.  The floors are in generally good shape but the elevated stage needs to be leveled and soft, damaged areas replaced.


May, 2023:  Thanks to Connor and Jeremiah Jones for removing the stage so work may be done on the floors.

Across 4 centuries at Christ Chapel.jpg

This historic sign, which was on the chapel's exterior, will be preserved inside.

All photos are shared by members of the congregation and may not be copied without permission.

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