Faithful all week. Not mine.

September 5, 2016


Jesus invited us (nay, commanded us) to give up all of our possessions if we wish to be his disciples.  I think Jesus means this literally.  He dies on the cross with nothing.  All of us leave the world with nothing.  We are better off to admit it than to run from that reality.  As one of the members at Holy Trinity says, "the hearse don't stop at the bank."  


Jesus loses it all, in order to get it all back again, and more.  We lose it all in order to receive it all back again, and more.


This week your homework assignement involves sticky notes.  Take seven of them and write the words "not mine" on them.  Stick them on things in your home and leave them there to remind you that they do not belong to you! That they belong to God, that they are for the good of your neighbor and community.  They are not yours.  Post your pictures of a sticky note on something that is not yours in the comments or on the facebook page!


When I gave the homework assignment, a young dad pointed at his son.  And I immediately said, "No, you can't get rid of your son.  You're stuck with him."  And while we can't be rid of our parental duties.  We should remember that even our kids aren't our own.  They belong to God, to their neighbors, to the world.


Thanks be to God that nothing is ours!

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