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Faithful All Week.

October 17, 2016


The widow in our parable from Sunday is hardly the tame, little woman she has turned into in most of our imaginations.  The translation we most often read obscures the fact that she isn't really seeking justice but seeking revenge.  And that she is not just nagging the judge but literally threatening to give him a black eye!  A helpless grandmother she is not.


And so the parable, I think is not so much about our need to pray as much as an invitation to reconsider what we are praying for.  The feisty, vengeance seeking widow and the able-to-be-abused-into-cooperation judge are figures of how we THINK God works.  Complain enough and God will do something; even better if that something is vengeance on the bad guys. We're invited not to be them - to stop praying for vengeance and instead allow prayer to be a way that God transforms our hearts toward love.


But in Jesus, God gives up the right of revenge.  In Jesus, God shows that the divine always seeks reconciliation and love.  Vengeance, thankfully, is not on the menu, because you can be sure there would be some directed at us.  


So this week, give up your right of vengeance against someone.  Let it go.  Follow the Lord of Life on his way to the cross, rather than the feisty widow wielding a baseball bat.


With thankful acknowleggmento to Amy-Jill Levine's Short Stories By Jesus.




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