Faithful All Week.

October 26, 2016


When his friend Philip Melanchthon was gravely ill, Luther was summoned to visit his sick bed. Luther prayed fervently, he later shared, "by rubbing God's ears with the promises from God's word."  Prayer at least in one way of speaking is simply reminding God of what God has already promised and demanding that God keep God's word.  


We do this because, as the first reading from last Sunday reminds us, God's own honor is at stake when God's people suffer and and God's people ask blessings of God.  So find your favorite passage of Scripture and pray it to God, reminding God of all the promises given there.  For me, that is Romans 8, and boy, is it filled with promises!  Promises of adoption, hope, never being abandoned, all things working together.  Pray God's promises to God and see if both your ears and God's aren't blessed by the praying.  

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