Faithful all Week.

October 31, 2016


Perhaps the Reformation's greatest gift to the Church is Luther's insight that it is rarely enough to say only one thing.  We have lots of "ANDS" in the Lutheran way of talking about the world: saint and sinner, law and gospel, death and life.  Like the dress in the picture, black and white are necessary.


it is the juxtaposition of two different things that gives us clarity and allows us to more clearly see out own situation and what God is up to in the world.


All of this leads to a messy Lutheran spirituality. We are always in the midst of two things.  On one hand, we hear a need to always be reforming and changing, always on the lookout for what needs renewal in our communities and churches.  On the other hand, we're invited to be very still and trust that God has already done everything.  If you are like me, and like to nail things down and be consistent, we're tempted to pick one or the other, but the fact is we need both.


So this week, listen to your heart's desire for change or renewal.  But also listen to your heart's desire for rest and simplicity, waiting for what God has already accomplished for you.

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