Faithful All Week.

January 24, 2017


In the Gospel reading for this past Sunday, Jesus promises his new disciples that he will make them "fish for people."  You are  not alone if you have no idea what it means to fish for people.  So often we turn it into an evangelism strategy complete with goals and quotas and lures and nets.  We exchange the goal oriented life that Jesus calls us to abandon for a goal oriented life that is just more "churchy." You can almost see St. Peter setting a new goal for a 10 converts by sundown!


But what if Jesus wants us instead to practice first the primary thing you do when fishing - nothing.  Perhaps you are a better fisherman than me, but most of the time when I go fishing, I cast the rod and wait.  The fish steals my bait, I reel in, re-bait, and cast again.  Most of the time, I am doing nothing.  


So before you go off with your plans to fish for people, put DO NOTHING at the top of your to-do list. I think that you will discover that NOTHING is often exactly what we are invited to do before, during, and after any fishing expedition.  And who knows, people may see us doing nothing, simply being in the presence of God, and want that special NOTHING for their own lives, too.

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