Faithful all week.

February 27, 2017


We leave the mountain of transfiguration for a long slog down the hill into a valley. These transitional times are hard.  We like the idea that we might finally arrive at our destination, that we might finally have some stability.  But in reality we have to keep walking.  Our lives are all too like the children's song, "The Noble Duke of York."  Though sometimes we may be up and sometimes down, most of our lives are spent "only half way up, you're neither up nor down."


And it is exactly then that we need Jesus' command promises from the mountain the most.


The voice from the cloud says, ":Listen" and hidden within the command is a promise that God will still speak.


Jesus says "get up" or better "be raised up," and we are promised a new raised up life with him.


Jesus says "don't be afraid" and promises that his love is enough to drive out all of our fear.


And then Jesus walks down the mountain with us, to let us know that there is no where that he will not seek us out.  We might be "neither up nor down" but we are never without God.

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