Faithful all Week - Lazarus Species.

April 3, 2017


Every so often, a species that was thought extinct resurfaces.  Last week, news came out that researches were mounting a search for Tasmanian tigers in the northern Queensland.


And of course, there is the famous Ivory-billed Woodpecker, that I want desperately to believe is still out there.  I long for the world to be a wild and beautiful and mysterious place.  


But extinct animals are rediscovered with such regularity that they actually have a name: Lazarus species.  Like Lazarus, they seemingly have gotten up and out of their graves.


So do a quick internet search and see how many amazing creatures were once written off as extinct but are still out there.  And imagine what it would be like to actually see an animal that is supposed to be dead come out of the woods and look at you.  


Please post a photo of the Lazarus species you find in the comments.  Click on the  photo/mountain icon to do that!

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