Faithful All Week - beginnings and endings

June 19, 2017

 At the end of every school year, there is at least one bittersweet graduation, ending and beginning song floating around the culture.  The year before I graduated high school, one of those songs was Semisonic's "Closing Time."  The band's lead singer says that the song is actually about the birth of his son.  Whether or not that blows your mind, the song has this great line in the middle (1:53 in the video above): "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."


While one should be careful to do theology based on 90's rock, the song captures the tone of the this past Sunday's first reading perfectly.  The people of God arrive at Sinai, and God's promise to bring them out of slavery to worship on that mountain is fulfilled. Cue up the happily ever after.  Except what appears to be the ending is actually just the beginning.  God promises to be their God and that they will be God's priestly nation in the world.  This is just the beginning of their relationship!


How often do we see an ending and fail to see the beginning hidden therein?  As a community of churches, we are still ending old ways of doing things so that something new might emerge.  What in your life is ending, but actually holding within it a beginning?

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