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Faithful all week. Mulch.

July 25, 2017

In the Gospel reading on Sunday, Jesus told a parable about weeds growing among the wheat. The landowner in the story wouldn't let his slaves weed the field though, for fear that in tearing out the weeds, the wheat would be damaged also. Unfortunately, there is a zinnia in my garden that can testify that Jesus was right.  In my vigor to clean out crab grass next to it, I pulled it also.  Time will tell if it recovers after being put back in its soil...


But of course the best way to deal with weeds is to stop them from sprouting in the first place. While Roundup might do the trick, a thick layer of mulch is even better. The wood chips smother weeds and decompose into fertilizer.  


We can mulch our hearts by giving ourselves time and space for prayer, Scripture, and simply being aware that we live in the presence of God each day.  Our weedy hearts will thank us for a layer of mulch!





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