Faithful all Week - Encouragement.

November 20, 2017

 Paul loves the word "encourage," so much so that in 1 Thessalonians 5 chapters, the word appear five times.  The past to readings from 1 Thessalonians in worship have ended with  "Encourage one another..." To encourage captures one of Paul's ideals for the relationship between Christians.


"Encourage" is one of those words that we all assume we know what it means - to cheer one, to be a fan, to help others stick to it.  But when we take the word apart, we see that it means more literally "to give courage."  We lend someone else our courage when their own is failing.  But more than that, "courage" comes from the same Latin word for heart - cor  as in "core."  


So to encourage someone is to share with them your own heart.  Our hearts strengthen each others.  Together we grow in courage and bravery to face the ordinary and extraordinary challenges of our faith each day.


Brothers and sisters, encourage one another!


For more on this, see Peter Kerry Powers' article in the Cresset, especially paragraph eight.






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