Monday in Holy Week.

March 26, 2018

 Jesus walks to his friend's grave, after having shown up late to do anything about his illness and death.  Jesus misses the funeral.  He weeps at the grave and then shouts, "Lazarus, come out."  The "dead man" came out, now raised back to life, but still John says a "dead man" (John 11.44).


Now a few days later, Jesus comes to eat at the dead man's house.  Lazarus' sister Mary comes and pours perfume on his feet.  The smell fills the air.  When people complain, Jesus says that the anointing is for his burial. Imagine Jesus hanging on the cross, still able to smell the last glimmer of that perfume on his feet (he had the best smelling feet of any convict!).


The chief priests see this scene and know that Jesus and Lazarus must die because so many are going after him. 


This is our reality, too, that we who are raised with Jesus also die with him, and we who die with him are raised with him.  This week, dear people, is life and death and new life - being raised not just back to an old life as Lazarus was but raised to new and indestructible life with Jesus.


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