Faithful all Week - Talk with your mouth full.

April 11, 2018


I love it when we serve communion to each other, just because it makes it more clear in a way that the congregation is the body and that all of us are ministers together.  I like the sense of community and the beauty and vulnerabiliity of serving each other, parents serving children, husbands serving wives, sometime enemies serving each other.


I also find it deeply amusing.  When we serve each other communion, we almost inevitably end up with a hunk of Jesus in our mouths as we are trying to speak the words, "The body of Christ given for you" to our neighbor.  We talk with our mouths full!  And as every mother and grandma everywhere has taught us, we should not speak with our mouths full.


Except when we have to.  And as Christians, we are best off speaking with our mouths full.  We can't open our mouths and speak a clear word of good news to the world and to each other if we don't have our own mouths full of Jesus.  Jesus must be in our lips before Jesus can be on our lips.  Ignore your mom and grandma.  Talk with your mouth full (of Jesus).


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