Ephesians and Friends. 2.11-22. Tearing Down Walls.

July 24, 2018



Just as the first half of Ephesians 2 recounts God's victory over death and the devil,  Ephesians 2.11-22 recounts Jesus' victory over the walls that separate humanity.  Paul writes of a wall between Gentiles and Jews, but truth be told we have created even more walls than that! We make walls based on gender and sexuality, disability status, income, sports teams, nation and ethnicity.  We are willing to make walls out of just about everything!


But Paul writes that on the cross, Jesus put an end to these divisions, making peace by his blood.  Jesus dies as the last of an old, divided humanity - holding those divisions within himself by eating and drinking with drunks and whores.  And so he is raised the first of a new, united humanity.  All things in heaven and on earth and made one in him. 


President Reagan famously asked President Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.  It took some more time, but that wall fell, knitting Germany back together again.  And here we are busily obsessed with building new walls in our time. 


May those of us who follow Jesus, who are aware of our union with him, always be people chipping away at walls, always be people rejoicing as walls fall, as they always will. 


And as Ephesians 2 ends, we find out that God is using all those bricks from torn down walls to build a holy temple - out of US!  As the walls fall, may we be built more and more into a temple for God.

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