Ephesians and Friends. 4.17-24

August 8, 2018

 In Ephesians 4.17-24, we hear of the risks of turning back to an old way of life.  Paul writes that to turn back to a way of life way from God is to experience futility of minds, darkness of understanding, ignorance and hardness of heart. One who lives in such a way loses all sensitivity!


Too often in our world, sensitivity is seen as a bad thing.  How many times do people make fun of boys for being too sensitive, or complain about wives being too sensitive.  But for Paul, that sensitivity is the very thing that marks us as God's people.  Our sensitivity opens us up to the hurts of the world and sends God's people out to the lost and forsaken.  To lose our sensitivity is to lose our very ability to love as Jesus loves.


Let us keep our sensitivity.  How much better to have a broken, cross-shaped heart than a hardened heart of stone.

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