Ephesians and Friends. 5.3-14.

August 17, 2018



Ephesians 5:3-14    As a younger person – it was so many years ago – decisions seemed easier; my opinions seemed stronger and clearer.  Things got messier as I aged – it just is not as black and white. 



These verses tell us to live as children of the Light, but, how do I stop overlaying Paul’s writing to those Gentile Christians in Ephesus with today’s issues?  So many of the ills of history stem from misunderstandings of Ephesians – e.g., arguments in support of American slavery and gender dominance.  People feeling threatened by social change of any kind appeal to its language of purity and boundaries, building walls to separate.    


One thing jumps out at me these days:  we fear our own shadows (oops, there is that light/darkness image). Instead, we should expose everything to the light of Christ and take to heart, “Sleeper, awake!  Rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” 


Now that’s a new bumper sticker:  Shine on!  No walls! 

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